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The PRS Wind Through the Trees! This pedal is a dual analog flanger that offers a unique soundscape reminiscent of wind whipping through trees. It essentially has two flangers that "fight" each other, giving you a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Each flanger has its own Manual, Depth, and Rate controls, as well as global Regeneration and Added Highs controls for even more versatility. The result is a pedal that provides nearly endless flanger sounds, from subtle to wild and experimental.

If you're a fan of flange effects and want a pedal that offers something a bit different, the PRS Wind Through the Trees is definitely worth checking out. It's an all-analog design that packs a lot of sound into a single stompbox.

Key features of the PRS Wind Through the Trees pedal in bullet point form:

* All-analog dual flanger pedal
* Two sets of controls for each flanger:
* Manual (delay time)
* Depth
* Rate
* Global Regeneration and Added Highs controls
* Runs on 9V DC power
* Standard 1/4" instrument cable input and output
* Creates unique, "fighting" flanger sounds inspired by wind through trees

These points summarize the main features and capabilities of the PRS Wind Through the Trees pedal, emphasizing its all-analog design and extensive control options.

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