RCA Female to 1/4-inch TS Male Adapters (2-pack) - GPR-101

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The Hosa GPR-101 is a pack of two RCA female to 1/4-inch TS male adapters that allow you to connect equipment with RCA outputs to gear with 1/4-inch TS inputs. 

These adapters are useful for a variety of audio applications, such as connecting consumer audio components to professional audio gear, or for adapting cables with RCA connectors to work with equipment that has 1/4-inch TS jacks.

Some key features of the GPR-101 include:

* Durable construction with nickel-plated plugs
* Compact and lightweight design
* Easy to use - simply plug and play
* Two adapters included in each pack

If you need to connect equipment with different types of audio connectors, the Hosa GPR-101 can be a handy and affordable solution.

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