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Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your drumming experience with the 14" AAX Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals from SABIAN? These cymbals are a testament to SABIAN's commitment to quality and innovation, offering a new spectrum of sound that enriches the AAX line. The brilliant finish of these hi-hats is not just about aesthetics; it contributes to their shiny, glossy appearance and ensures they stand out both visually and sonically.

Crafted with a smaller, raw bell, these cymbals deliver a crisp and versatile sound that seamlessly integrates into a variety of mainstream musical styles. Whether you're laying down a rock groove, swinging to jazz rhythms, or crafting pop beats, these hi-hats offer a solid foot response and a medium weight that is perfect for studio recording, where every nuance is captured.

The unique hammering technique employed in the creation of these cymbals, featuring a larger, rounder peen, is immediately apparent on their surface. This not only adds to their sleek and stylish design but also contributes to a more complex tonality. The result is a pair of hi-hats that possess a slightly darker character while simultaneously introducing brighter highs, thanks to the expanded frequency band. This duality ensures that drummers can enjoy a rich blend of bright, cutting highs and deep, complex lows, making these cymbals a versatile choice for any setup.

SABIAN's innovative approach shines through with the 14" AAX Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals, which respond to the evolving demands for thinner, faster, and more intricate cymbal sounds. Embrace the brilliance and sophistication of these hi-hats, and let them be the heartbeat of your drumming performance.

  • Answers the call for thinner-sounding, complex Hi-Hats with added versatility
  • Crispy, versatile Hi-hats that blend perfectly into mainstream sounds
  • A whole new design in Sabian AAX
  • Thinner-sounding Medium weight perfect for both studio or stage

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