Seymour Duncan Antiquity 11018-05-NC Guitar Pickups

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Transform Your Guitar's Sound with Seymour Duncan Antiquity 11018-05-NC Pickups

* Vintage Tone: Captures the warmth and character of classic PAF humbuckers for a truly authentic, vintage sound.
* Unparalleled Clarity: A perfectly balanced frequency response ensures articulate, mellow tones without sacrificing clarity.
* Customizable Sound: Adjustable pole pieces let you fine-tune your tone to suit your individual style and preferences.
* Premium Components: Features Alnico 2 magnets, 1C braided shield cable, and front-tapered mounting rings for superior performance.
* Timeless Style: Nickel-plated covers and matching screws add a touch of elegance and vintage charm to your guitar.

Experience the ultimate in vintage tone and versatility with the Seymour Duncan Antiquity 11018-05-NC humbucker pickup set. Ideal for both neck and bridge positions, these pickups are the perfect choice for guitarists seeking an authentic, classic sound with modern playability.

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