Seymour Duncan LIBERATOR

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The Seymour Duncan Liberator 11807-01-250K is a revolutionary solderless pickup change system that enables you to swap out your guitar pickups without the need for a soldering iron. By replacing your standard 250K volume pot with the Liberator, you can quickly and easily change pickups for new tone, feel, responsiveness, and output.

Key features of the Seymour Duncan Liberator 11807-01-250K include:

* Integrated quality volume pot and screw-clamp connector: Ensures secure and reliable connections without soldering.

* Accepts bare or tinned pickup leads: Compatible with a wide range of pickups for versatile tone options.

* T5ctions: Provides better tone and reliability compared to flimsy spring terminals or imperfect solder connections.

* Quick and easy pickup swaps: Change pickups in minutes without the hassle of soldering.

Upgrade your guitar's wiring system with the Seymour Duncan Liberator 11807-01-250K and enjoy the freedom to experiment with different pickup configurations for a truly personalized sound.

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