Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack, Neck - 11302-13-BC

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The Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack (Neck, Black, 11302-13-BC) is a noiseless P90 soapbar pickup designed to deliver all the growl and sparkle of a classic P-90, without the pesky hum that traditional single coils have. Here are some key features

* Vintage P-90 tone without the noise: The stacked design combines the best of single-coil and humbucker designs, offering a noiseless experience.

* Alnico 5 magnets: Provide a strong and focused magnetic field for increased sensitivity and balanced tone.

* Medium output: Delivers a warm, full-bodied sound that's perfect for a variety of genres, from rock to blues.

* 4-conductor lead wire: Allows for coil splitting and series mode switching for a more compressed sound.

* Hand-built quality: Each pickup is hand-crafted in California with attention to detail and period-correct accuracy.

Upgrade your guitar's neck position with the Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack pickup for a classic sound that's free from noise and hum.

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