Seymour Duncan Soapbar Stack Blk b P-90

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It seems like you're interested in the Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack, a noiseless soapbar pickup designed to provide the classic P-90 sound without the hum. Here are some key points to consider:

* Noiseless performance: The stacked design eliminates the hum associated with traditional single-coil pickups, while maintaining the growl and sparkle that P-90s are known for.
* Vintage tone: The P-90 Stack delivers a vintage-style sound that's perfect for any guitar with a P-90 sized pickup route.
* Versatile wiring options: The 4-conductor lead wire allows for coil splitting and series mode switching, providing a range of tonal possibilities.
* Quality construction: Hand-built in Santa Barbara, CA, the P-90 Stack features dual Alnico 5 magnets, vacuum wax potting, and a high-quality construction that ensures long-lasting performance.

If you're looking for a noiseless P-90 pickup that delivers classic tone and modern versatility, the Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack is definitely worth considering!

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