Trombone Mouthpieces with Large Shank 6 1/2Al Large Shank In Silver - MPC65ALLTRB

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Enhance your trombone playing experience with the Blessing MPC65ALLTRB Trombone Mouthpiece, designed to provide superior sound quality and performance for musicians with a strong embouchure. Featuring a large shank and 6 1/2AL size, this silver-plated mouthpiece offers a comfortable and controlled playing experience for both concert band and symphonic performances.

Here are the specifications for the MPC65ALLTRB:

* Instrument: Trombone
* Finish: Silver-plated
* Size: 6.5AL
* Cup Diameter: 1.000" (25.40mm)
* Cup Depth: Medium Deep
* Rim: Medium Wide
* Shank: Large

Key benefits of the MPC65ALLTRB Trombone Mouthpiece include:

* Improved Sound Quality: Experience a lively, rich tone with excellent articulation and brilliance.
* Comfortable Playing Experience: The medium-wide rim ensures a comfortable feel for players who dislike sharp edges.
* Enhanced Performance: Enjoy consistent sound production and increased stability during concert band and symphonic performances.
* Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials with a silver-plated finish for long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your trombone playing with the Blessing MPC65ALLTRB Trombone Mouthpiece, offering superior sound, comfort, and durability for the advancing musician.

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