DiMarzio 500K Custom Taper Pot (High Pass Filter) for Volume

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The DiMarzio EP1201HP is a high-quality 500K custom taper potentiometer designed specifically for use as a volume control in electric guitars. This potentiometer features a unique high-pass filter, providing enhanced tone control and improved signal-to-turn ratio.

Built with precision engineering, the EP1201HP offers smooth and accurate volume adjustments, allowing guitarists to achieve a wide range of tonal possibilities. It's constructed to last, with a 10,000 cycle rating at 2,000 cycles per hour and individually tested by DiMarzio to meet their stringent quality standards.

The custom taper design ensures that this potentiometer delivers a consistent and even response across its entire rotation, making it ideal for volume swells and other playing techniques that require precise control. Its low-friction wiper pass and proprietary balance-damping lubricant result in a smooth, comfortable feel, perfect for executing quick "pinky flips" or holding the knob at your desired sweet spot.

The DiMarzio EP1201HP 500K custom taper potentiometer is a reliable and high-performance component that will enhance your guitar's tone and playability.

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