Gibson Greenbuckner Set PUGBDBNC2-SET 711106131313

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The Gibson Greenybucker Pickup Set is a reproduction of the legendary pickups found in the famous "Greeny" Les Paul guitar. This set features Alnico 2 magnets, 2-conductor wiring, nickel covers, and is unpotted. The average DC resistance is 8.3k for the rhythm pickup and 8.7k for the treble pickup. It seems like a pretty sweet set for those looking to achieve that classic Gibson tone!

Specs for the Gibson Greenybucker Pickup Set (PUGBDBNC2-SET):

* DC Resistance: Neck - 8.3k Ohms, Bridge - 8.7k Ohms

* Magnet Type: Alnico 2

* Wiring: 2-Conductor

* Covers: Nickel

* Potting: Unpotted

This pickup set offers a classic Gibson tone, with a nod to the legendary Greeny Les Paul guitar. It's a great choice for those seeking a rich, vintage sound with plenty of character.

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