Thomastik-Infeld BB111 BeBop Jazz Roundwound Electric Guitar Strings .011 -.047

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The Thomastik-Infeld BB111 Jazz BeBop Roundwound Electric Guitar Strings (.011-.047) are a finely crafted set designed to deliver a rich, full-bodied tone that's tailor-made for jazz enthusiasts.

Key features include:

* Roundwound construction: Produces a strong, fundamental tone with added brightness and clarity.
* Pure nickel wrap: Enhances warmth and depth, resulting in a vintage-inspired jazzy sound.
* Light gauge (11-47): Offers comfortable playability and easy string bending, ideal for fast runs and complex jazz voicings.
* Made in Austria: Ensures consistent quality and craftsmanship.

These strings offer a unique blend of roundwound brightness and nickel warmth, making them an excellent choice for jazz guitarists who want a versatile and expressive sound.

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