SONUUS G2M Universal Guitar to Midi Converter

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The Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter is a versatile and easy-to-use device that converts the pitch of your guitar (or bass, voice, or wind instrument) into MIDI signals, allowing you to control virtual instruments, synths, or other MIDI-compatible devices. Some key features of the G2M include:

* No special pickups required: The G2M connects to your instrument just like a regular effects pedal or tuner.
* Robust note detection: Accurately tracks and converts pitch to MIDI with low latency and fast tracking.
* Tuner functionality: Built-in tuner supports various notes for guitar, bass, and voice.
* Compatible with a wide range of instruments: Works with guitar, bass, voice, or wind instruments.
* User-friendly: Simple to set up and use, with no modifications needed for your instrument.

Overall, the Sonuus G2M is a powerful and convenient tool for guitarists and musicians looking to expand their sonic palette and integrate MIDI functionality into their playing.

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