On-Stage MS7325 Stackable Mic Stand

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The On-Stage MS7325 Stackable Mic Stand is an innovative solution for efficient storage and transportation of multiple microphone stands.

Its key features include:

* Stackable design: Thanks to a carefully shaped notched base, up to five MS7325 stands can be stacked together, saving valuable space during storage and transport.
* Stability: The 9.85" weighted base provides excellent stability, ensuring your microphones stay securely in place.
* Adjustable height: The stand's height can be adjusted from 34" to 61" (86.3 to 154.9 cm), making it suitable for a variety of miking applications.
* Compatibility: The MS7325 is designed to work with a range of microphones, providing flexibility for different recording or live performance setups.

If you're looking for a space-saving and practical solution for managing multiple microphone stands, the On-Stage MS7325 Stackable Mic Stand is definitely worth considering.

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