ART USB Dual Pre 2-channel Audio Interface / Preamplifier - USBDUALPREPS

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The ART USB Dual Pre (Model: USBDUALPREPS) is a 2-channel audio interface and preamplifier that offers high-quality, portable audio recording and USB connectivity. Key features and specifications include:

* Inputs: Two combo XLR/TRS inputs for connecting microphones, instruments, or line-level sources.
* Outputs: Two TRS outputs for connecting to studio monitors or other external audio devices.
* Phantom power: Provides +48V phantom power for condenser microphones.
* Gain control: Up to 48dB of clean gain on each channel with signal present and clip LED indicators.
* Monitor control: Adjustable monitor output level and mix control for balancing between input signals and computer audio.
* USB connectivity: USB 2.0 for connecting to a computer and recording audio directly to your DAW or other software.
* Portable design: Compact and rugged case for use in remote field recording or desktop/studio tracking.
* Included software: Production software bundle for immediate recording and editing.

The ART USB Dual Pre is a versatile and affordable solution for a variety of audio recording applications, offering clean and reliable preamps with easy-to-use controls and USB connectivity.

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