Zildjian 10 inch A Custom Splash Cymbal - A20542

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The Zildjian 10" A Custom Splash Cymbal (A20542) is a small but mighty addition to the popular A Custom series. This cymbal offers a fast, colorful, and short crash sound, making it a great option for adding quick accents and effects to your playing.

Some key features of the A20542 include:

* Size: 10 inches
* Weight: Extra thin
* Finish: Brilliant
* Tone: Bright and quick
* Material: Proprietary Zildjian alloy
* Made in the USA

The Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal is a versatile and musical cymbal that can be used in various genres, from rock and pop to fusion and metal. Its small size and thin weight allow for fast response and easy playability, while its bright tone and brilliant finish make it stand out in any mix.

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