Zildjian 14 inch A Custom Mastersound Hi-hat Cymbals - A20550

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The Zildjian 14" A Custom Mastersound Hi-hat Cymbals (A20550) are part of Zildjian's popular A Custom series, known for their bright, versatile sound and excellent projection. Some key features of the A20550 hi-hats include:

* A Custom Mastersound design: Delivers a full-bodied, bold sound with a fast and clear "chick" due to the hammered grooves in the bottom cymbal.

* Size: 14" diameter, providing a balanced and responsive feel.

* Weight: Medium-weight top cymbal and heavy bottom cymbal for a well-defined stick sound and pronounced "chick."

* Material: B20 bronze alloy for a bright, articulate sound with a wide frequency range.

* Finish: Brilliant finish for a bright, shimmering sound with enhanced projection.

* Versatility: Suitable for a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, funk, and more.

These hi-hats offer a great combination of sound and playability, making them a popular choice among drummers in different genres.

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