Zildjian 18 inch A Custom China Crash Cymbal - A20529

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The Zildjian 18" A Custom China Crash Cymbal (A20529) is an explosive and dynamic cymbal that's perfect for adding a powerful accent to your drumming. This cymbal features:

* Fast, explosive sound with immediate attack and smooth decay
* Clean "China" sound with characteristic A Custom shimmer and texture
* Small bell size and high profile for a focused and cutting sound
* Thin weight for a quick and responsive feel
* Brilliant finish for added sparkle and projection
* Cast bronze construction for durability and great sound quality

This cymbal is an excellent choice for drummers looking to add a versatile and powerful effect cymbal to their setup. Its explosive sound and clean "China" tone make it perfect for a wide range of musical styles and genres, from rock and metal to jazz and fusion.

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