Zildjian 18 inch A Custom EFX Crash Cymbal - A20818

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The Zildjian 18" A Custom EFX Crash Cymbal (A20818)—a unique and eye-catching cymbal that's designed to deliver a quick, dry, and trashy sound, perfect for adding special effects and accents to your drumming.

Some key features of this cymbal include:

* Size: 18 inches
* Unique laser-cut "cut out" design for a distinctive look and sound
* Quick, dry, and trashy sound with sudden explosiveness and fast decay
* Brilliant finish for added shimmer and visual appeal
* Part of the A Custom series, known for its bright and smooth sound

The Zildjian A Custom EFX Crash Cymbal is a great choice for drummers looking for a special effect cymbal that can add a touch of uniqueness to their playing. Its distinctive design and sound make it a "must-have" addition to any cymbal collection. 🔊💥

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