Dunlop 431P1.14 Tortex Triangle Picks, 1.14mm, 6 Pack

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The Dunlop 431P1.14 Tortex Triangle Picks, 1.14mm, 6 Pack are a set of high-quality guitar picks designed to offer maximum memory and minimum wear. Key features include:


* Tortex material: Known for its durability and snappy tone, providing long-lasting performance.

* Triangle shape: Offers a larger gripping surface for added control and comfort while playing.

* 1.14mm thickness: Strikes a balance between flexibility and rigidity, suitable for various playing styles and techniques.

* Purple color: Adds a stylish touch to your playing setup.

* 6-pack: Provides convenience and value for regular use.


These Tortex Triangle Picks from Dunlop are a great choice for guitarists seeking a reliable, long-lasting pick with enhanced control and comfort, making them a popular choice among musicians of all skill levels.

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