Hercules Stands GS422B PLUS Dual Guitar Stand with Auto Grip System and Foldable Yoke - GS422BPLUS

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The Hercules Stands GS422B PLUS Dual Guitar Stand is a top-notch solution for storing and displaying up to two guitars simultaneously. Featuring the innovative Auto Grip System (AGS), this stand ensures your instruments are securely held in place with foldable yokes that can accommodate a wide range of guitars, from acoustic to electric and bass.

Additional features include:

* Instant Height Adjustment Clutch: Quickly adjust the stand height to suit your needs.

* Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) padding: Protects your instruments from scratches and damage.

* Adjustable backrests: Customize the stand's support for your specific guitars.

With its sturdy construction, user-friendly design, and versatile features, the Hercules GS422B PLUS Dual Guitar Stand is an excellent choice for any musician looking to keep their guitars organized and well-protected.

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