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What is a great gift for a musician? 

We all know that everyone loves receiving gifts... but buying gifts for musicians can sometimes be overwhelming. What should I get them? Where do I start? How do I know what they actually need? Well you can rest assure that our musicians here at Sound Exchange will help you with finding that perfect gift for your favorite musician! Not only are these gifts a MUST need for musicians — but they are also extremely affordable too. So when you're reading this list of gifts, keep in mind that the musicians here at Sound Exchange came together to form this very list to help YOU! Whether your favorite musician is a guitarist, drummer, vocalist, or something entirely different, there’s a gift on this list that will surely be appreciated.


1. Rok-It Tripod Microphone Stand w/ Fixed Boom

Stable, tough, and reliable, the Rok-It Tripod Microphone Stand is one of the most popular microphone stands that you can buy today. What makes this microphone stand so popular compared to its competitors is its affordable price and its 30 1/4" boom that makes it easy to use. The Rok-It Microphone Stand also has a convenient locking clutch that's located in the middle of the stand. This makes adjusting its height easy, which we all want. I mean, who honestly wants to battle with your stand in the middle of a performance? I know the musicians here at Sound Exchange don't! Oh, and no need to worry about your stand falling either! The Rok-It Microphone Stand can handle all of the heaviest microphones that are out there on the market today!  So if you know any body that's a vocalist, then don't hesitate when it comes to the Rok-It Microphone Stand! 

Snark Tuner

2. Snark SN-8 Super-Tight All-Instrument Tuner

Next on our list of great gifts to get a musician is the Snark SN-8 Super-Tight All-Instrument Tuner. This is a gift that any musician out there needs to have. The Snark SN-8 has super tight tuning, no matter what you play. This makes for a reliable tuner since you know its not going to fall off in the middle of tuning your instrument! Oh, and not only can the Snark SN-8 stay put, but it can also rotate 360 degrees! So for all the lefties out there, this is the tuner you cant pass up!

Another great feature about the Snark SN-8 is its easy to read screen. No matter if you're playing at an outdoor event during the day, or playing in a club at night, the Snark SN-8's vibrant color display and large letters let you tune with ease. 

Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply

3. Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply

The Truetone 1 SPOT Power Supply is a 9V DC adapter that only takes up to 1 Spot on a power outlet (Hence the name, 1 SPOT).  If you know someone who plays a guitar, this is a great gift to get them. The 1 SPOT lets you run power to an entire pedalboard without using up tons of outlets. This is important considering you don't want to waste space with a bunch of adapters. It also solves an annoying problem that guitarists and bassists have fought with for many years. The 1 SPOT can be paired with optional multi-plug cable(s) for powering more than one pedal - power up to twenty pedals (1700mA max!) with the 1 SPOT! 

4. D'Addario Planet Waves Microfiber Polishing Cloth

No matter what instrument someone plays, it's important to keep that instrument clean. The D'Addario Planet Waves Microfiber Polishing Cloth is an extremely useful cleaning cloth. It's made up of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. Microfiber is preferred for its very lightweight, extreme absorbency, and its rapid drying properties. You can use this polishing cloth on basically any material, which makes its useful for any instrument. It’s perfect for removing dust and leaving a nice shine to your instrument. 


5. D'Addario Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable Straight-Straight  20'

The Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable is a great-sounding cable that is known for its durability. Just like everything on this list, the Planet Waves  Instrument Cable is a great gift for your favorite musician. It's known for pure signal transparency and of course a long lasting life. You wont have to worry about having to make a trip to a music store every other month because your cable broke. Nickel-plated plugs and oxygen-free copper ensure that Classic Series Instrument Cables remains highly conductive. The Planet Waves Instrument Cable also has dense shielding and molded strain reliefs, which helps keep handling noise at a minimum and extend the life span of each cable. Not to mention that its also 20 feet long! This gives you plenty of room to rock out at your next event!


Drum Sticks | Sound Exchange

6. Drumsticks

The last thing on our list of things to get your favorite musician is drumsticks. Drumsticks are super affordable and perfect for all types of drummers and percussionists. No matter what kind of drummer you are, you can assure that there is a style of drumsticks for you! Drumsticks come with many different styles of tips, wood grains and sizes. Drumsticks can be used for playing the snare drum, drum kit or some other type of percussion instrument. So if you know someone that loves to drum, click on the drumstick link and get yourself a set of drumsticks today!